D&CVD - Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease - EASD Study Group


The Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (D&CVD) Study Group exists to promote advancement of knowledge on all aspects of cardiovascular disease and diabetes through active co-operation between interested diabetologists and other specialists, particularly cardiologists.

  • It actively works towards establishing of European collaborative studies and acts as a reference group for EASD in matters related cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • The main aim of D&CVD Study Group is to bring together scientists who work in the field of cardiovascular disease in diabetes to exchange research experience and promote discussions during regular meetings.


Annual meetings

The D&CVD Study Group meets on an annual basis. The time and place of the meetings is decided by the Executive Committee and is announced in Diabetologia. Abstracts selected for oral presentation and abstract discussion are published in a booklet. Abstracts not selected for presentation during the meeting may also be included in the booklet.

In addition to the annual meeting, the D&CVD Study Group may promote seminars, workshops or other meetings, preferably together with the other study groups. If such meeting is to be held in the name of the D&CVD Study Group, it needs approval by the D&CVD Study Group's Executive Committee.

Regulations of the D&CVD Study Group (PDF)